The Ultimate Demolition Tool the “Demo Dawg”

Whether you’re running with the Big Dawg, the Mean Dawg, or the Puppy Dawg, whatever pieces of the house you’re planning to rip up don’t stand a dawg-gone chance with Demo Dawg. The size of the crescent-shaped pry bar and the length of the handle change in proportion from breed to breed, but the purpose of the tool remains unchanged. Rock back on the handle to pry up flooring, cabinets and roofing, or swing the hammer end like a sledge to knock down drywall.

It’s a pry bar. It’s a nail puller. It’s a hammer. It’s a pick. It’s yet another demolition multi-tool with a kick-ass name: the Demo Dawg. Designed by a remodeler to simplify many of his back-breaking tasks, the Demo Dawg helps remove drywall, tear up flooring and roofing, tear out cabinets, and even relocate a landscape planting.

The Demo Dawg comes in three flavors: the 30″ (wait for it) Big Dawg, the 20″ Mean Dawg, and the 16″ Puppy Dawg. For maximum durability, all models feature a hexagonal shaft. On the business end of the shaft you’ll find a wide, 22-degree radius blade for pulling down drywall, prying, and pulling nails. The blade is also sharpened for use as a pick. The hook-like end of the blade is meant for hammering and grabbing edges.

On the gripping end, the Big and Mean Dawgs include a super heavy-duty steel handle with a rotating padded grip — the better to prevent your hands from blistering after hours of destruction – while the Puppy Dawg gets a soft rubber grip handle somewhat like one you’d find on a hammer.

Made in the USA by Demo Dawg

Demo Dawg

Demo Dawg

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